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Jasmine Kyla, as known as Jasmine F., whose full name is Jasmine Fuentes, is a singer, songwriter, dancer, and actress.  Born on February 7, 1997, in Baltimore, Maryland and raised in Queens and Long Island, New York, Jasmine by the early age of 6, had already developed a love for the arts.


As a child, Jasmine was mostly exposed to her Bajan roots. As a young adult, she began learning more about her Puerto Rican roots. However, both cultures have influenced her versatile style. 


Jasmine always felt at home on stage (or anything that even remotely resembled a stage). Throughout her artistic journey, Jasmine’s mature ear for music has always set her ahead of her time. Jasmine was featured on multiple singles, and appeared in music videos with rap stars like Fred the Godson and Grafh. Jasmine also made appearances in multiple states along the east coast including New York, New Jersey, Georgia, Michigan and Washington D.C increasing her fanbase with her memorable and energized performances.  


In 2020, after a seven-year run, Jasmine decided to take some time off her career as an entertainer and embark on a spiritual journey. As a result, she made the decision to be more open and rawer with her audience. At that moment, she became Jasmine F. Now, Jasmine is working on new music with a magical sound. Overall, Jasmine’s talent, passion, humility, and genuine love of the art makes success and a promising career inevitable.    


Jasmine the Singer/Songwriter 


Jasmine has always had a passion for writing. At 7 years old, she would go with her mother to her college night classes and write short stories to pass the time. She would also write poems which later turned into songs that she performed for her family. It is no surprise that writing is her favorite part of being an artist. The perfect setting for her to create music is outdoors surrounded by nature, or inside by candle lights while incense burns. 


During the Summer of 2013, Jasmine F. recorded her very first song which was a remix to “Marvin’s Room” by Drake. Her and her brother recorded this song in her living room using only a mic and a computer. Overwhelmed with joy from hearing herself on a track, there was no looking back. People loved her lyrics and swag so much that overtime she became one of the rising female artists from the community. Other artists began to reach out for features and her reputation in music grew.


Jasmine writes music for everyone, however, her music seems to appeal primarily to a mature female crowd. Listeners seem to admire her transparency and vulnerability.


The Dancer 


Jasmine’s first dance class was in Annapolis, Maryland at the age of four. She later joined her first dance competition team at her elementary school. In sixth grade, Jasmine auditioned for and was accepted into her Middle School Performing Arts Program. Jasmine went on to attend Valley Stream Central High School where she became an active member of the acclaimed performing arts program and dance concert where she was both a dancer and choreographer. During her senior year Jasmine led her team to victory by co-choreographing a winning routine. After graduating High School in 2015 she wasted no time in becoming an active member on her college campus at Morgan State University by joining their award-winning dance team, The Morganettes.  Jasmine now plays a major role in her career as the choreographer behind her outstanding performances.


The Actress 


As a member of her High School Performing Arts Program, Jasmine majored in Musical Theater and minored in Dance and Acting. Jasmine made her first appearance as part of the ensemble in the live musical “Rent.” She also performed in acting scenes and musical numbers for her school's showcases and was most noted for performing the monologue “Sorry” from the play “For Colored Girls Only.” In 2018, Jasmine landed herself the role of “Nikki” in the Bet+ original series, “A Luv Tale,” produced by award winning actresses, S. Epatha Merkerson and Sidra Smith. She later played in the live play “The Gift You’re Given” as Ensemble Woman 2. 


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